Woodland - Willatook Cemetery Last Updated: 5 May 2002
Contact: K. Harrison, "Willatook Park", Malseed's Rd., Willatook, Vic., 3282 (03) 5560-8565 E-Mail
View Map Willatook is a small country location, just of the Woolsthorpe - Heywood Road (C176), about 7.2 km. West from the intersection with the Koroit - Penshurst Road (C178). Take the road signposted Willatook and less than a kilometre down, large power lines cross the road. The grave Is located directly under the lines, on the left hand side of the road and about 250 metres into the paddock. The present owner of the property lives in Malseed's Rd, only a couple of kilometres East of the Willatook turn off. As it's on private property, please obtain all necessary permissions before attempting to locate the grave.
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SMITH, Frederick
7 Dec 1857