ANDREWS, Graham James
15 May 2009
In our hearts you will always stay
Loved and remembered every day.
Your loving family, Tot, David, Karen, Julie and Steve and families
BELL, Adrian
10 Sep 1970
23 May 2006
Your love and life is so alive, yet we miss the hugs and fun
Remembering and
celebrating you
Love, April, Stephen, James and Daniel.

May the winds of love blow softly,
And whisper for you to hear.
That we will love and remember you,
And forever keep you near.
In our dreams we see you
In our hearts we love you
In our lives we miss you
Love you always
Mum, Dad and family.
31 May 2003
As the years go by, the memories never fade. They just get stronger.
"We miss you"
Love always, Wendy, Dave and Josh
BROWN, Dorothy Agnes "Dot"
19 May 2009
We will never forget the gift of our mother's unconditional love.
We miss you Mum
Shirley, Jeannie, Lois, Pamela and families.
11 May 201
In our thoughts always
In our hearts forever
Des and family
26 Apr 1920
29 May 2010
Your love and devotion we hold in our hearts always
So sadly missed xx
Darling Mum to Annette, Joan, Lois, Barbara, Helen, Jan and our families
CRIMMIN, Bernard "Bernie".
23 Aug 1945
13 May 2009
I remember the day I met you and the day I made you mine
I remember the day I lost you and will till the end of time. One day I'll take that jouney.
Where all are free from pain. I'll put my arms around you and we will never part again.
Love, Noela

I thought of you today, but that is nothing new,
Thought about you yesterday, and days before that too.
I think of you in silence, I often speak your name,
All I have are memories and pictures in a frame.
Your memory is a keepsake, from which I'll never part,
God has you in His arms,
I have you in my heart.
Your loving daughter, Amanda
DAVIES, Richard
16 May 2009
It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn't go alone, for part of us went with you, the day God called you home
Love, Ruby and family
14 May 2009
You left a year ago today, but memories and love will always stay
Ken, Marie, Kim, Fiona, Julie and families
DOWLIN, Gertrude Rose
10 Jun 1936
1 Jun 2001
Remembering you is easy
We do it every day,
It's the loss we feel without you,
That never goes away.
Loving husband Jim and family
FOTHERINGHAM, Gerard "Fother"
17 May 2000
Fother, ten years has passed since you have left us. We hold our tears when we say your name, without you Fob, life is not the same
Sadly Missed
FREEMAN, Kenneth John
29 May 2008
2 years have passed, our hearts still ache.
We miss you heaps, think of you everday.
Love always, Debbie, Geoff, Renee, Jeremy, Monique, Matt, Jake, Narelle, Leigh, Jett, Duke, Cruz and ?

On Sunday's I wander to your resting place, look at your photo and wonder "why?"
A flower and a prayer is all I can give and my darling Ken, that's what you will have as long as I live.
Loved and remembered every day
11 May 2009
Your presence I miss,
Your memory I treasure.
Loving you always,
Forgetting you never.
Your loving Mum.

One year has passed but in our hearts you will always stay.
Loved and remembered every day.
Much loved sister and aunty of Tas, Ange and Mark.

Loved, missed and remembered every day.
Forever in our hearts
Loved sister, sister-in-law and aunty of Hop, Stuart, Blair, Jai, Tyler and Shelby.
GLEESON, Kathleen
1 Jun 1923
11 May 2010
Forever in our Heart
From your husband, Jim and your children Mary, Michael, Brendan, Gerard, Anthony, Brian, Damian, Terry, Kevin and families.
HILL, Augustus "Gus"
19 May 1995
Deep in our heart you will always stay,
Loved and rememberd everyday.
Your loving family.
HILL, Frederick James "Jimmy"
3 Jul 1932
25 May 2007
There is a sadness in this livin
There is a pain that has no words.
There is a missing and a longing
And tears that can't be heard.
Love you
17 Nov 1941
30 May 2008
Memories can fill our hearts with sadness,
Memories can fill our hearts with gladness,
Memories are like gold,
Some too precious to be told.
Love, Valerie.

You came to earth to learn your lessons,
Some were good, bad and some so sad,
Your stay could of been longer,
For now, we all can laugh, talk and think of you, over yonder.
Love, Corrina xx
KELLY, Annie
14 May 1985
Quietly remembered every da
Loved mother of Dianne, Mario, Mark, Damian and Anna Costanzo
MATTNER, Aubrey Howard
19 May 2006
Passed away 19/05/2006
Always loved, always missed, never forgotten.
Love Miriam and family
McGHIE, Robert
21 May 2008
Still missing you, thinking of you every day
Love, Bertie, James, Matt and Rosie.
McKENZIE, Graeme Alexander
14 May 2009
It's been a whole year now Graeme since you've been gone, but death could never part us, our love is too strong. Because of you we have the strength to carry on. Your spirit is with us wherever we go, whatever we do, you were so loved by us all and will always be part of us
Your ever loving wife, Janet; Andrew and Mary; Hayley and Richard; grandchildren Johnathan and Chris; all your family and many friends
26 Oct 1954
26 May 2009
One year today you left us. We miss you very much
Always in our hearts.
Special Lady
Love, Suzanne, Andrew and boys.
To Bruce our thoughts are with you

In life we loved you,
In death we love you still,
In our hearts you hold a special place,
No-one else can fill.
Your loving (one husband), Bruce and family, Kylie, Carl and Heath
MURPHY, Barb "Timmer"
Echoes of mercy
Whispers of love,
No words to describe today Mum.
You know my heart, you always did. Still miss you with every breath I take
Nicky, Bryce, Jai, Liana and Seth
29 May 1993
It's been 17 long years without you. Precious memories keep you near. The tears have dried a little, but the ache will be in our hearts forever
Mum, Dad and families
NOONAN, Francis Gerard
Remembered with Lov
Rest in Peace
Love, Mum.
Stephen, Damien, Claire and Molly.
O'KEEFE, Una Isabel (Sheppard)
17 Dec 1923
27 May 2010
We laugh, we cry, we play our part
But behind it all lies a broken heart,
We hide our tears when we speak your name,
Without you, life is not the same.
It has been 5 long years, we will love you forever.
Your loving daughter Jenny, son-in-law Frank, granddaughters Sam and Cassie xx.
TETAU, Rangi James
9 Jan 1931
11 May 2010
In our heart you will always stay
Love and remember you every day.
Your loving wife, Gwen, Mareea, Stephen and Stormy

NZ Army: 710471
My beautiful father, I love you so much and miss you extremely.
Three years ago you left us, taking with you a part of me forever.
I think of you every day, and how proud I am to be your daughter.
I know you are there with us each day and know you're proud of what we're doing.
The best father in the world, together forever.
I love you......Pania
VOLDERS, Lisa (Pye)
1 Jun 2009
In our hearts you will always stay
Loved and remembered every day.
Love your sister, Teresa and Greg, Joanne and Piers, Peter, Michael and Damien
WATSON, Janette
15 May 2009
Much loved mum of Maureen, Neville and famil
One year has passed,
But in our hearts you will always stay.
Loved and remembered everyday
15 May 1993
In loving memory of m
mother, passed away
Forever in my Heart
Frances Barley
WILLIAMS, Peter Philip
11 Oct 1956
29 May 2001
Always in my heart and on my min
Forever my love

In memory of our oldest son and brother who died Killarney, May 29, 2001.
Loved forever
Forgotten never
Williams family, Killarney
WILLIS, Aaron (Carmody)
23 Mar 1986
25 May 2006
It's been four long years with a million silent tears. How we wish, how we wish you were here
Love, Mum, Ian and all your family xxoo