Announcements from the Warrnambool Standard are now available on CD

NOTE: CD's are in PC (IBM compatible) format. MAC users will need Windows/PC Emulation to read

To display the May 2010 Announcements index click here.
This will provide a good example of what the indexes contain and how they are organised.

NOTE that on the CD version, full transcripts of entries are not provided (all information of interest in a genealogical sense is included).
For reasons pertaining to copyright, the verses and personal messages have been removed in many cases.

Announcements included are:
Anniversaries, Bereavement Notices, Birth Notices, Birthday Greetings, Death Notices, Engagement Announcements, Funeral Notices, In Memoriams, Wedding/Marriage Announcements, Congratulatory Messages & Special Occasion Greetings.

All CD's (covering one complete year) cost $22.00 (ALL inclusive)

To purchase the CD containing all 2010 Announcements, click here

Coming Soon: 2011 Announcements