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View Map We had an interesting time, and a lot of fun, finding this one. But finding it is probably easier than trying to describe, to others, how to get there.

When entering Port Fairy on the Princes Highway, take the main street (Bank St) into the township itself. Follow this to the very end and turn right at the T-intersection. This is Ocean Drive. Follow it to the very end, where it turns to the right and becomes Annacatherine Drive. At this point, continue straight on via the gravel track, to the carpark. From here a walking path will take you to the beach.

Continue west along the beach. The first, larger bay, has two rocky outcrops about midway. The first point has a sandy, overgrown outcrop that juts into the sea. There is then a small bay, also terminated with a small, overgrown outcrop jutting into the sea. There is then another small bay. At the western end of this bay is the last house visible from the beach - beige roof, brown timber panelling walls, with "NO ENTRY KEEP OUT" signs in front. At the very end of this bay a sandy track goes straight up the sand dune & the rocks stretch from the waterline, right to the sand dunes. At the western end of the next bay, the rocks on the point are very flat. Make your way into the sand dunes at this point by whatever track or means you can find and a plaque erected by the historical society should come into view. The graves are in the area behind this plaque, towards the farmlands and away from the beach. The area is heavily overgrown.

The Cemetery is on private land, and to this date I have been unable to establish the ownership - but the Port Fairy Visitor's Centre advises that the owner does not mind having people visit the site - at their own risk

Due to the nature of the terrain and the overgrown conditions, I would NOT advise visiting this Cemetery during warmer weather or snake season.
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BUCKLEY, William
Of the Old Stockyard Station. Dates unreadable
Abt. 1806
12 May 1855
Hus of Rachael Emiline (nee BOSTOCK); married Apr 1841 at Avoca Church, Tas. Lived at "Leura" on Goose Lagoon and then in Gipps St, Port Fairy. With partner John GRIFFITHS, founded Port Fairy. Researcher
HILL, Anna Maria
11 May ????
Wife of James H.
Inscription reads "Speared by blacks". This grave site is not in the Port Fairy Sandhills, but can be found beside the Princes Highway. Travelling west from Port Fairy, the grave is marked by a simple white cross and is on the side of the highway, about 100m west of the Crags turnoff. The grave is maintained by the Roads Authority.