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View Map Mooralla is about 19 km. north of Cavendish on the Hamilton to Horsham Road. Travelling from the south, continue past the Mooralla turn-off for a further 2 km. (just before the Golf Club). Turn into Oakley's Road (gravel). Follow the road for 1 km. where it crosses a small creek bed (often dry). There would normally be a white post on each side of the road at the crossing. If possible, walk the creek bed on the right hand side of the road until you come to a wire fence that crosses the creek. Continue through this fence and almost immediately into the bracken fern on the left hand side. There should be a track at this point, but depending upon conditions, it could be poorly delineated. The grave is about 50 metres into the bracken and is denoted by a pipe fence around its perimeter. Depending upon the height of the bracken, this is the best indicator to look out for when trying to locate the site. A new marker has been placed on the site as a result of the PHILIP family reunion at Harrow on 11 March 1984.
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PHILIP, Catherine
Pres. sis of Jane (2)
Pres. sis of Catherine (1)