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View Map Due to the changing condition of the tracks to be traversed in getting to this Cemetery, I would strongly recommend that it only be attempted in a 4WD vehicle. A little over 18kms. from the 100K sign on the Casterton-Penola Road, is Cemetery Track (on RHS). Signpost is a vertical green post with white writing. Follow this track for 2.5km. and take the fork to the left (vertical sign "N TBS 8" at intersection). Follow this for 1.3km. and the Cemetery is clearly visible on the RHS. Some work has been done on the area. To return to the main road, either retrace the path taken or turn left almost immediately past the Cemetery. This track will take you back to the bitumen (1.5km.) It rejoins at a point 3.9km. west of Cemetery Track (a sign "Thinned 1940 1975") is the only identification of this track from the main road.
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Abt. 1781
22 Mar 1863
Of Heatfield. Arrived Australia 1 Mar 1839