Index     Blackwood Cemetery Last Updated: 29 Nov 2001
Contact: Jason Ritchie, "Blackwood", Penshurst, 3289 (03) 5576-5431
View Map The Blackwood property is on the Blackwood Rd. which intersects with the Hamilton Highway about 2 kms. East of Penshurst. The entrance to the property is about 5.8 kms. from the Highway, marked by stone gates and clearly labelled Blackwood. The Cemetery is not located in the immediate property adjoining the main house, but as the Cemetery is private, permission should be gained from the Ritchie family before proceeding to inspect the site.

There is only one headstone in the Cemetery, but a number of burials took place there, unfortunately there is no record of these.
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Abt. 1823
10 Feb 1867
Born Blyth, Scotland. Killed in horse-riding accident (as advised by Ritchie family member)