Index Aberfoyle Station Cemetery Last Updated: 25 Jul 2002
Contact: John Carmichael, "Aberfoyle", RMB 1704, Casterton, Vic., 3311 (03) 5584-1229
View Map Aberfoyle is a private property on the Casterton to Penola Road near the South Australian border. Strictly speaking, there is no Cemetery or graveyard here, but there is a memorial recognising that the ashes of two pioneers of the property and district have been scattered there.

Travelling west from Casterton, to Penola, the property is just over 35.5 kms from the 100kph signs on the western side of Casterton. The entrance has a short white picket fence on either side, and the property name is sign-posted.

This is private property so ensure that all necessary permissions have been obtained before visiting the site.
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CARMICHAEL, Charles Malcolm
26 Feb 1919
3 Dec 1985
Hus of Mary (2); fthr of Max, Rod & John
CARMICHAEL, Mary Margaret "Marg"
31 May 1919
2 Nov 1995
Wife of Charles (1); mthr of Max, Rod & John